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Título: 6º informe de la Comisión sobre la aplicación de la Directiva sobre el tratamiento de las aguas residuales urbanas
Título original: 6th Commission Summary on the Implementation of the Urban Waste Water Treatment
Resumen: The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (hereinafter referred to as “the Directive”) is a cornerstone of EU water legislation. Its objective is to protect the environment from the adverse effects of discharges of urban waste water from settlement areas and biodegradable industrial waste water from the agro-food sector, by requiring Member States to ensure that such water is collected and adequately treated. Full implementation of the Directive is also a pre-requisite for meeting the environmental objectives set out in the EU Water Framework Directive as well as in the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

At the reference years for this assessment, (2007 and 2008), the population of the 27 Member States of the European Union was 497 million in 2008. Waste water generated by this population and by the industry is a major source of pollution of European waters including groundwater, rivers, lakes and seas. Waste water discharges can lead to excessive nutrient loads (eutrophication), accelerate biodiversity losses and affect drinking water supplies or bathing water sites and thereby have important links to public health concerns. These impacts in turn may have serious negative consequences for economic sectors such as tourism. 

The information upon which this Summary has been prepared comes from the reporting exercise in the context of Article 15 of the Directive. To this end, a questionnaire was sent out to all EU-27 Member States, which were asked to provide data for the reference year 2007 (or 2008 if available). The questionnaire had been jointly developed by Commission and Member States taking into account the principles of the Water Information System for Europe (WISE). Replies received in the agreed format by 30 June 2010 were taken into account.

This Summary describes the progress in the implementation of the Directive. It provides information as regards the obligations which were due to be met by the end of 2007/2008. In addition to the summary, the annex provides more details on the level of compliance in the Member States as well as information related to "big cities/big dischargers", and to the progress in infrastructure in place. Furthermore, a study report provides more detail and background information and data on which the summary is based on.
Idioma: Inglés     País: Bélgica     Año: 2011
Tipo: Informe
Área: Medioambiente > Tratamiento y reciclaje de aguas
Fuente: European Commission
Localización en fuente: COMMISSION STAFF WORKING PAPER. SEC(2011) 1561 final
Descriptores: directiva marco de aguas; aguas residuales urbanas; tratamiento de aguas;
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