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Título: OLED Displays e Iluminación. Estado del arte 2010-2011
Título original: OLED Displays and Lighting – 2010/2011 State of the Art
Resumen: 2010 has been an impressive year for the OLED industry as production of AMOLED displays grew from 17m panels to over 34m and revenue went from US$500m to >US$1,000M. AMOLED displays were in such demand that there wasn’t sufficient supply and some smartphone manufacturers (i.e. HTC, Motorola and others) had to switch back to TFT LCDs. LG Display produced the largest commercial AMOLED to date, a 15” HDTV with a thickness of <2mm. LG also wowed attendees at IFA with a 31” HDTV prototype in Europe, a forerunner to the development of commercial OLED TVs. Samsung continued to innovate and commercially sold Super AMOLED displays, which are the first displays containing an on-cell touch feature, eliminating the need for a separate touch layer. Samsung also demonstrated foldable, rollable and transparent prototypes. 

OLEDs technology is also targeting the emerging solid state lighting market and at least 20 lighting manufacturers are either conducting R&D or producing panels on pilot lines. Moreover, at least 3 organizations, Fraunhofer, GE and Konica Minolta are making breakthroughs in roll-to- roll manufacturing using flexible substrates. Moser Baer Technologies and Universal Display are also establishing a pilot line in the U.S., with the intent to demonstrate an advanced deposition process, designed to reduce costs and increase performance. Phillips, Osram Opto and Lumiotec are currently selling OLED lighting panels and Novaled and Universal Display have produced a range of lighting prototypes demonstrating performances 50-75 lm/W, transparency, multicolor and flexible designs. 

While 2010 was a significant year in the development of OLED products and capabilities, 2011 promises to be even better. AUO and Chi Mei Innolux (CMI) will be entering mass production. LG Display will be opening a Gen 4.5 Fab and Samsung will open the largest AMOLED Fab to date Gen 5.5 1300x1500. In addition, China’s leading display makers, Visionox, BOE, and Tienima (Rainbow) are being subsidized by the Chinese government to build AMOLED Fabs in the 3.5 to 4.5 generations.
Idioma: Inglés     País: USA     Año: 2010
Tipo: Artículo
Área: Productos > Luminarias
Subsectores de aplicación: · Maquinaria y bienes de equipo
· Arte en metal
· Fabricación de productos metálicos, excepto maquinaria y equipo
Entidad: OLED Association
Fuente: Oled Association
Localización en fuente: White Paper
Descriptores: OLED; iluminación
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