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Título: Tendencia hacia el uso de datos 3D de bajo peso
Título original: Trend Toward Use of Lightweight 3D Data
Autor: Hiroshi Toriya
Resumen: The development of the network society has promoted the sharing of information in diverse areas of the manufacturing industry, changing the business processes of many companies. However, 3D CAD data, which forms the core of digital manufacturing, has not benefited much from network technologies. 3D CAD is characterized by massive data volume and complicated structures, and is also difficult to integrate with other associated data on the network. Though requiring huge costs to generate, until now CAD data has only been used in the CAD/CAM area, which comprises less than 10% of the whole IT industry. The emergence of lightweight 3D data such as XVL is changing this situation. Industry is increasingly trying to change the overall business mechanism by converting CAD data to lightweight 3D data. This includes not only companies but also their partners and suppliers. So what is the significance of the existence of this lightweight 3D data and how should it ideally be used?
Idioma: Inglés     ISBN / ISSN: 978-1-84800-038-4 (Online)     Año: 2008
Tipo: Artículo
Área: Aplicación de las TIC > e-Business
Fuente: 3D Manufacturing Innovation. Revolutionary Change in Japanese Manufacturing with Digital Data
Localización en fuente: 11-19
Descriptores: 3d, data
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