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Título: Implementación de Empresa 2.0: Integración de servicios Web 2.0 en su empresa
Título original: Enterprise 2.0 Implementation: Integrate Web 2.0 Services into Your Enterprise
Autor: Jeremy Thomas
Resumen: This is the only book on the market to show IT professionals how to integrate and manage Web 2.0 Services within corporate networks.

Facilitate collaboration and foster internal innovation by integrating next-generation Web 2.0 technologies throughout your enterprise IT framework. Packed with real-world examples and timesaving tips, Enterprise 2.0 Implementation shows how to use viral and social networking tools to gain the competitive edge. Get full details on managing corporate blogs, wikis, mashups, RSS feeds, tagging and bookmarking data, and RIAs. You'll also learn how to maximize ROI, use Semantic Web technologies, and implement security.

+Expand corporate presence to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Ning
+Build internal social networks using open source and commercial applications
+Reduce infrastructure and IT costs through SaaS vendors 
+Consolidate disparate information using Enterprise 2.0 Discovery
+Manage wikis, blogs, mashups, and RSS/Atom feeds
+Set up Rich Internet Applications
+Develop security, risk management, and disaster recovery strategies

Table of contents
Part I: Overview of Enterprise 2.0
Chapter 1. The Evolving Technology Environment
Chapter 2. Enterprise 2.0 ROI
Chapter 3. Social Media and Networking
Chapter 4. Software as a Service
Part II: Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Technologies
Chapter 5. Architecting Enterprise 2.0
Chapter 6. Enabling Discovery
Chapter 7. Implementing Signals and Syndication
Chapter 8. Implementing Wikis
Chapter 9. Implementing Blogs
Chapter 10. Building Mashup Capabilities
Chapter 11. Rich Internet Applications
Chapter 12. Implementing Social Networking
Chapter 13. The Semantic Web
Part III: Managing Enterprise 2.0
Chapter 14. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
Chapter 15. Security

Biographical note
Aaron C. Newman is the founder and president of Techrigy, Inc. (www.techrigy.com), a company specializing in monitoring and measuring social media. He is the coauthor of Oracle Security Handbook. Jeremy Thomas is a technical manager with ActiveNetwork where he leads development activities for active.com, a Web 2.0 community for sports enthusiasts.

Back cover copy
"The sector's first how-to guide to cover the essentials of introducing Enterprise 2.0 into your organization. ...A treasure of technical details and proven guidelines for successful implementation...also addresses core business issues that are key to successful adoption. If you only have time to read two books on Enterprise 2.0 implementation, buy this book-and read it twice." --Susan Scrupski, Evangelist with http://www.ngenera.com/
Idioma: Inglés     País: USA     ISBN / ISSN: 978-0071591607     Año: 2008
Tipo: Artículo
Área: Aplicación de las TIC > Web 2.0
Fuente: McGraw-Hill Osborne
Localización en fuente: (1 Oct ), 406 pages
Descriptores: web 2.0, social network, redes sociales
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