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  Referencia 9970
Título: Visualización científica avanzada, una tecnología multidisciplinar basada en Ciencias de la Ingeniería y Computación
Título original: Advanced Scientific Visualization, a Multidisciplinary Technology Based on Engineering and Computer Science
Autor: Dean Vucinic
Resumen: Today’s visualization tools are equipped with highly interactive visual aids, which allow analysis and inspection of complex numerical data generated from high-bandwidth data sources such as simulation software, experimental rigs, satellites, scanners, etc. Such tools help scientists and engineers in data extraction, visualization, interpretation and analysis tasks, enabling them to experience a high degree of interaction and effectiveness in solving their design problems, which become more and more complex day by day. As the variety of today’s visualization tools is diversifying, there is a need for their simultaneous use within different engineering software when solving multidisciplinary engineering problems. It is evident that such tools have to be available for a combined use, in order to eliminate many well known problems of sharing, accessing and exchanging design models and the related information content. It is shown that Object-Oriented methodology is a well adapted approach to stream the software development process of future engineering applications. The three European projects ALICE, LASCOT and SERKET are given as examples in which the evolving computer software technologies have been researched and demonstrated to address the evolution of the visualization software in engineering and for information visualization in general.
Idioma: Inglés     País: Belgium     ISBN / ISSN: 1307-5179     Año: 2010
Tipo: Artículo
Área: Aplicación de las TIC > e-Business
Entidad: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vrije Universiteit Brussel Pleinlaan 2, B- 1050 Brussels
Fuente: International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Systems-IJECSE
Localización en fuente: Volume 1, Number 1, June
Descriptores: scientific visualization, object orientation, multidisciplinary engineering, visualización, orientación del objeto, ingeniería multidisciplinar
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